non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves are safe for the skin

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non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves are safe for the skin

Gloves are truly one of the most critical pieces of protective equipment designed for health and safety reasons. They provide excellent protection between your hands and any germs, bacteria, bodily fluids, chemicals or dirt that come in contact with them. These personal protective equipment protect employees in all industries by keeping hands safe and clean, leaving you high and dry.

non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves

However, users with sensitive skin may experience skin irritation and allergies when using gloves for extended periods of time. As their immune systems respond, they may experience rashes, hives, cracked skin and other uncomfortable skin conditions.

A popular type of glove on the market today is the vinyl glove. They are made of synthetic materials, making them flexible, versatile and adaptable. The best part is that they are latex-free, which means they do not have any threat of causing latex allergies. However, it is important that we have knowledge about these specific types of protective equipment.

1. Are non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves good for sensitive skin?

non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves are a great hypoallergenic option for people with sensitive skin in addition to latex gloves. These gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride and are designed to keep hands clean and dry while protecting delicate skin from dirt and pathogens. In short, non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves are perfect for people with sensitive skin. non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves have specific testing standards. Once passed, they can be distinguished as EN1186 for food and food preparation safety, EN455 for medical use standards and EN374 for chemical and microbial resistance.

In addition to being medical grade, non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves are also ideal for sensitive skin. They are latex-free, which means they have a low risk of causing allergy and sensitivity to the user.

2. What makes non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves skin safe?

Not only do we want to protect ourselves, but comfort is also the second best factor we consider when purchasing an item. Given the benefits of non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves, we can say that they are a great alternative to latex. Here's why.

(1) non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves do not contain powder.

Powder-free gloves are the preferred choice for all industries. In addition to causing the least risk of allergies, they reduce the threat of cross-contamination. Non-powder gloves are thinner and more fragile than powder gloves, making them easier to put on and take off. However, they are not 100% powder-free. We can say that gloves are powder-free when a certain amount of powdered material is present in the glove (2.0 mg per gram).

(2) non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves do not contain accelerator.

Allergies and skin irritations associated with gloves are usually related to the chemicals and additives present in the manufacturing process. Promoters and plasticizers are among them. Unlike nitrile gloves, non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves do not have chemical accelerators. Therefore, they are safe and recommended for use by people with sensitive skin.

The following are some of the reasons why non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves can irritate the skin.

(1) Contact urticaria.

Despite the absence of any allergy, there are still cases where users still experience skin irritation. This condition is known as contact urticaria, in which your skin sweats excessively and causes itching. This also occurs due to the lack of ventilation inside the glove. We can get contact urticaria from any glove that offers liquid resistance.

(2) Leakage.

Leakage is another possible cause of skin irritation or sensitization when wearing non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves. If worn for too long, non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves can lose their effectiveness and may tear or cause leaks. In this way, irritants can come in contact with our hands and cause allergies. For safety reasons, we should replace non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves after 4 hours of continuous use. Otherwise, they can lead to allergies, contamination or infection.

This is what we know about non-sterilized vinyl examination gloves being safe for the skin. If you need more detailed information, please come and contact us!