The development of polyurethane male condoms

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The development of polyurethane male condoms

From gut condoms to latex condoms to polyurethane male condoms, are you familiar with the development of condoms? If you are interested, please read on!


With the improvement of modern people's quality of life, People's priority in the purchase of goods is no longer just the price, comfort has become a very important selection criterion. Especially in the choice of condoms, more people will put comfort in the first place. For young people with open-minded and forward-thinking, the ultimate goal of sex has long been not to reproduce, but to enjoy. In sexual life, contraception is an inescapable topic.


The choice of different contraceptive methods will affect the quality of sexual life. The use of condoms can make people feel a sense of isolation, and is even known as"Dancing in a raincoat.". Therefore, the pursuit of the perfect sexual experience reduces the sense of a foreign body, so more intimate partners, and condom companies have become the eternal pursuit of the goal. Early condoms are often made of linen or sheep intestines, sex experience is not good, STD, infectious disease prevention effect is almost zero.


polyurethane male condoms

By the 1950s, the Japanese invented 0.02 mm"Ultra-thin" latex condoms, in terms of thickness, then the condom has been almost the same as now. But because of the physical nature of the limitations, 0.02 mm is the latex condom thickness limit.


So, what material is the so-called 001 condom on the market? This is a new generation of water-based non-toxic polyurethane male condoms. Polyurethane is a kind of medical polymer material with good Biocompatibility, good heat conduction, and a smooth surface, so it is also an ideal "Biomaterial".


Polyurethane male condoms are thinner than conventional latex condoms and are one-third the thickness of latex condoms. It conducts heat quickly, allowing you to feel slight changes in your partner in real-time. In addition, polyurethane male condoms are not allergenic. Because of the presence of proteins in the latex, some people are allergic to it and can not use latex condoms, so polyurethane male condoms are a good alternative. The porosity between the polyurethane materials is 0, has a high density, the virus completely can not pass through, overcame the latex condom material flaw. That's why it's a step-by-step upgrade for condoms.


From linens and intestines to latex condoms to polyurethane male condoms, every upgrade is a human effort to have a healthy and safe sex life. If you need polyurethane male condoms, feel free to contact us.