Advantages and disadvantages of latex-free polyurethane condoms

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Advantages and disadvantages of latex-free polyurethane condoms

More and more people know about latex-free polyurethane condoms, what are the advantages and disadvantages of latex-free polyurethane condoms? Let's take a look today!


Polyurethane is a synthetic material with high strength, compactness, and Biocompatibility. Latex-free polyurethane condoms are thinner, stronger, and less allergenic than traditional natural latex condoms. But the elasticity of the material can not reach the level of natural latex.



Advantages of latex-free polyurethane condoms,


super Thin. The limit for latex condoms is 0.03 mm, which is the thickness of both the Romeo 003 and Okamoto 003, and the modified polyurethane can easily be twice as thin as a normal natural latex condom. The thinner it is, the easier it is to feel each other's body heat, and the better the consumer experience.


Eliminate latex allergies. Medical experiments have proved that latex-free polyurethane condoms have no hidden danger because the raw material itself contains certain water-soluble proteins, which can cause an allergic reaction in some people.


 latex-free polyurethane condoms

The downside of latex-free polyurethane condoms,


latex-free polyurethane condoms are low-yield and expensive compared to latex condoms. No matter how expensive a good product is, it can not reach the market. Only high-quality products with a reasonable price are the best.


Latex-free polyurethane condoms have the advantage of being thinner than latex condoms, but they also have the disadvantage that because they are too thin, they are not thick enough, which makes them more difficult to use, and it would be awkward not to wear a condom.


Colourway, founded in 1958, is a WHO/UNFPA pre-certified manufacturer of male latex condoms. If you have any questions about latex-free polyurethane condoms, feel free to contact us.