Is polyurethane male condoms better than latex condoms

 22/06/2022| View:967
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Is polyurethane male condoms better than latex condoms

Condoms are one of the oldest forms of contraception and are recognized as the best way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. However, their use is limited by behavioural and device-related factors, including complaints of reduced sensitivity and reduced sexual enjoyment. To address these limitations, a male condom made of polyurethane was developed.

polyurethane male condoms

Polyurethane is a powerful impermeable material with good heat transfer properties and is less likely to deteriorate than latex during storage. In studies including latex comparators, there was no significant difference in slip and breakage rates between latex and polyurethane male condoms. subjectively, consumers preferred polyurethane male condoms to latex condoms, mainly in the appearance, lack of smell, sliding possibility, comfort, sensitivity, natural appearance, natural feeling and overall.

Although further testing is required, these preliminary results indicate that polyurethane male condoms are at least comparable in performance to latex condoms and are the preferred choice for consumers. If the preference translates into more use, polyurethane male condoms can overcome important barriers associated with inadequate condom use in the past. If you're allergic to latex, be sure to buy polyurethane male condoms.

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