What is the difference between polyurethane male condoms and natural latex condoms

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What is the difference between polyurethane male condoms and natural latex condoms

In today's world of scientific contraception, condoms are used by the majority of people as a more common and more frequently used contraceptive in everyday life. However, there are a variety of condom prices on the shelves, but do you know what the difference is between polyurethane male condoms, in addition to feeling different? How to choose for better contraception in general?

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Is there a functional difference between condoms of different prices?

Answer: No.

Condoms are in many cases for contraception, and regardless of the price, as long as the product is qualified, the contraceptive effect is almost indistinguishable. In the case of clothes, even cheaper clothes can accomplish the basic task of a piece of clothing: covering up shame.

Similarly, in terms of condoms, cheap condoms, as long as it is a regular product, it can complete its primary task: contraception.

So in this regard, you can rest assured that condoms, if they lose their contraceptive function, it is better to put a layer of paper on the intimate parts. But the premise is to wear the condom in the right way!

The correct use of condoms can avoid many STD transmission infections, but also can get about 98% success rate of contraception. But if you don't use it correctly, it's a waste of work, not only wasting the condom, but also possibly harming your physical and mental health.

The difference between condoms of different prices is mainly in the following points

1, different materials

One is natural latex, one is polyurethane male condoms, for latex components allergic to people can choose the latter one.

Latex material: most condoms are made of latex. However, about 8% of the population is allergic to latex and cannot use it.

polyurethane male condoms: Suitable for people who are allergic to latex. Condoms made of polyurethane have strong toughness and thermal conductivity, less elastic than latex, like a plastic bag.

2、Different models

The length of most condoms is 18cm, and generally the surface of the condom box will be printed, for example, the width of 52mm/mm logo, so we are still very good to identify.

Condoms are generally divided into three sizes: width 52 mm, perimeter 104 mm, diameter 33 mm, known as the medium condom; width 55 mm, perimeter 110 mm, diameter 35 mm, known as the large condom; width 50 mm, perimeter 100 mm, diameter 31 mm, known as the small condom.

For men who are using condoms for the first time, it is recommended that you first use a medium-sized condom with a width of 52 mm, and then change to a large-sized condom or a small-sized condom or an extra small-sized condom if you don't feel it is too big or too small.

In everyday life, don't overestimate your size; a condom that is too big will slip off if you're not careful. Of course, the size of too small condoms, comfort will also be reduced.

3, the distinction between thick and thin

With the improvement of rubber quality and production process, the thickness of the condom is becoming thinner, while its elasticity and firmness has increased. Condom thickness refers to the single wall thickness of the condom, according to the thickness of the condom can be divided into partial thickening type (thickness of A: 0.36mm; B: 0.28mm; C: 0.20mm; D: 0.12mm), ordinary type (thickness 0.04-0.06mm), thin type (0.03-0.04mm) and ultra-thin type (thickness 0.03mm).

The thicker the thickness, the less stimulation you receive during sex, the less sensitive you are, and the worse you feel. For every 0.01 mm drop in thickness, men's comfort will increase by 20%, but ultra-thin condoms are more expensive, generally 5 pieces can reach 100 yuan.

In addition, too thin condoms, wear the opposite, wear out, a day's meal money will be lost. So it is recommended that sensitive people choose a thicker condom oh, can play a role in delay.

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Well, having said that, the choice of condoms, is to health, contraception, disease prevention, condoms to a large extent to avoid the spread of various diseases, I hope we can all pick their own suitable polyurethane male condoms, healthy life, happy life.