Properties of Latex radiation protection gloves, introduction of raw materials

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Properties of Latex radiation protection gloves, introduction of raw materials
Latex radiation protection gloves are one kind of gloves, which are different from the general gloves and are produced and processed by latex. It can be used for home, industrial production, medical treatment, beauty care and other fields, and is an essential arm protection equipment. Latex gloves are made of natural latex with other detailed modifiers, and they are comfortable to wear because of the unique surface treatment, and are commonly used in industrial and agricultural production, medical treatment, and daily life.

Latex radiation protection gloves

1.Latex radiation protection gloves processing process overview

Vulcanized rubber is first cut into pieces by the refiner, and then sent to the colloid solution tank to mix the colloid solution with gasoline after cutting into pieces. The colloidal solution is then emulsified and blended by the underwater concrete emulsion is in the middle tank. Dissolved gasoline vulcanized rubber aqueous solution is sent in from the top of the distillation equipment, distilled by steam with warm water vapor, light component gasoline into the liquid phase by heat, gasoline vapor in the gas cooling tower by cool water mixing and cooling. Water-oil compounds then to the oil-gas separator, water-oil in layers. Top gasoline acquisition , the lower water base within the centrifugal water pump sent to the closed cooling tower refrigeration, refrigeration and then refrigeration distillation equipment vapor gasoline; distillation equipment kettle latex according to its own working pressure sent latex mixing cylinder mixing, blending to the centrifugal dehydrator separation out of the glove raw material latex, and then after the tone, filtering ready for use.

Glove entity model first after strong acid and alkali cleaning, water cleaning, cleaning the entity model first infiltration of boiling water to warm up to dip adhesive and dry manic to carry out polypropylene filament. Polypropylene filament is sent to drying box after basic air-drying, adding chemical fiber inner pad, flushing boiling water and then sent to drying box vulcanized rubber, air-drying forming. After the glove is released from the mold, it is checked by gas, shaped by ultra-low temperature, dried at medium temperature, washed by water, dried, and then packed and sent to the finished product warehouse.

2.Latex radiation protection gloves characteristics

Latex radiation protection gloves are suitable for mechanical manufacturing, rechargeable battery processing manufacturing; fiberglass anti-corrosion field, airfield installation; aerospace industry; natural environment cleaning and removal. Latex gloves have abrasion resistance, puncture resistance; resistance to strong acids and alkalis, vegetable oils and fats, gasoline and diesel fuel and a variety of organic solvents; have universal resistance to chemical properties, excellent actual effect of oil resistance; according to FDA certification. Latex gloves feature distinctive fingertip pattern design scheme, which greatly improves the gripping force and reasonably avoids runaway; no palm pattern patent right design scheme, dumping rubber evenly and improving the protection force; some arm design scheme, pure cotton lining, enhancing the comfort.

The difference between using gloves

3. Latex radiation protection gloves raw materials

Gloves according to the raw material points are pure cotton yarn, fleece, leather products, etc.. Production and manufacturing gloves common raw materials are chemical fibers.