How to choose sterilized latex surgical gloves?

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How to choose sterilized latex surgical gloves?

It is very important to cultivate and improve the protection awareness of medical staff, strengthen the prevention and control awareness of infection, and actively wear sterilized latex surgical gloves. For sterilized latex surgical gloves, which are related to health and even life, we must choose them carefully. Here are some points to pay attention to when buying sterilized latex surgical gloves for your reference:

How to choose sterilized latex surgical gloves?

1. Regular manufacturers

Disposable sterilized latex surgical gloves are mixed in the market with uneven quality. The glove certificates provided by regular medical glove manufacturers are complete and clearly marked, so as to realize process traceability and avoid unnecessary risks.

The qualified sterilized latex surgical gloves are clearly printed with the certificate name (CFDA), record number, product technical requirement number, country of origin, production date, shelf life and production batch numberIf there is an old version of SFDA, it should be marked with product standard number, registration certificate number, etc.)

2. Glove material

Disposable sterilized latex surgical gloves, the two most common materials are nitrile and latex. Disposable medical latex gloves are made of natural rubber, with good elasticity and soft texture, providing comfortable flexibility of hands.

Nitrile gloves can perfectly remember hand movements, and wear them for a long time without fatigue. It is the first choice for medical staff who are allergic to latex protein or sensitive to skin. It has puncture resistance, establishes a protective barrier on the hand surface of medical staff, and reduces hand skin scratch caused by medical devices.

The "micro pockmarked surface" of the two kinds of sterilized latex surgical gloves can provide firm grip, so that the medical staff will not slip when taking the surgical instruments, causing safety hazards. You can choose nitrile or latex gloves according to your personal preference, but judging from the overall comfort and technological content, nitrile gloves are more recommended.

3. Glove type

In terms of location, sterilized latex surgical gloves are usually divided into inspection gloves and sterilized latex surgical gloves. Medical inspection gloves are generally used to inspect the oral cavity or skin surface of patients, and must contain CFDA laboratory drug safety certification. Excellent tension rate, strong anti-wear ability, can adapt to a variety of weak acid and alkali environment inside human skin.

On the basis of meeting the safety requirements of inspection gloves, the safety factor of sterilized latex surgical gloves is higher. It needs further sterilization and independent packaging; At the same time, it conforms to the ergonomic bending hand shape, closely fits with five fingers, and is comfortable to wear.

Even in the long-term operation process, the excellent humidity control can maintain the shape and fit of the gloves worn by medical staff, and operate the medical devices safely.

4. Powder free gloves are better than powder gloves

Gloves on the market will also be distinguished according to powder and no powder. In order to ensure safety, the powder in the collar and the labor protection net are made of food grade corn starch which can be absorbed by human body, so it is easy to wear.

In the medical field, the use of powder free medical latex gloves is safer. Because the powder free gloves adopt the advanced powder free Pu polymer coating process, they feel soft and comfortable to wear. Especially when the medical staff are checking or doing surgery, the powder in the sterilized latex surgical gloves will not enter the patient's body, affecting the diagnosis or treatment results.

On March 21, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it is recommended to ban powdered medical gloves in the United States. From the perspective of professionalism and safety, it is more appropriate to choose powder free gloves for medical staff.