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0.02 Super thin polyurethane condom

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Product description
0.02 Super thin polyurethane condom
♦ Polyurethane Male condoms, 002 condoms
♦ Latex free, 6 pcs/box
♦ SO 4074 standard, Thickness: 0.02mm  Width: 52MM
What is Polyurethane?
Polyurethane is an elastomer polymer, which is flexible, tough and resistant.
This material is widely used in consumer products such as sports wear or fit-gather of paper diapers etc. Also this material is widely used in medical fields such as artificial hearts or vessel catheters due to its high biocompatibility and reliability.
1.Polyurethane 002 condoms is just 0.02 mm thin. In other words, just 1/50th of a millimeter.
2.Three times stronger than latex condoms.
In terms of bursting pressure, a measure of film strength,
the 0.02 has about three to five times the strength of a rubber condom.
The secret of that strength is in the use of polyurethane.
It may be thin, but you can use it with confidence.
3.Instantly transmit the body heat. Did you ever notice that rubber condoms?
feel a little cold on insertion? Polyurethane is an excellent transmitter of heat, instantly conveying the warmth of your partner's skin for a more natural feel.
4.No Rubber Odor. Condoms made of rubber can have a unique rubber odor, but this kind of condom uses polyurethane, making them odorless.
5.No concerns about latex allergy.A latex allergy can lead to itching, pain,?
skin irritation and hives.?This condom uses gentler polyurethane, ideal for those allergic to rubber.
6.Polyurethane is gentle on the body. We've focused on the advantages of polyurethane over rubber. Polyurethane is often used in the medical field,?including in components of artificial hearts and artificial blood vessels. Polyurethane is compatible with the human body, especially blood, and is gentler on the body.
7.Give you more pleasure when having sex. 0.02 thickness would make you feel nothing when wearing it and make your partner get more pleasure. Thinner condom it is, more sensitivity you feel and more happiness you get.
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