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Mdior Super thin condom

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Product description
Mdior Super thin condom
♦ Male latex condom,12pcs/box and 3pcs/box
♦ CE.FDA approved, ISO 4074 standard
♦ UNFPA prequalified male latex condom Manufacturer
♦ Width: 52MM+/- 2MM, thickness: 0.065MM +0.015MM/-0.02MM
1.Super thin condoms have been designed to maximise sensitivity and provide a sleek fit and feel during sex. The thickness of Super thin is 0.05mm while the normal condom thickness is 0.065mm±0.015mm
2.Transparent and lubricated natural rubber latex condoms
3.Easy on shape makes condoms easier to put on and more comfortable to wear.
4.Good quality with good protection. Our condoms meet requirements of standard like ISO4074. And condoms are 100% electronically tested to ensure reliability CE&FDA approved.
5.Normal width: 49 ± 2mm, 52 ± 2mm , 55 ± 2mm. Our condoms are 100% pure natural latex concentrated and compounded.
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