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The first section rubber mixing machine

The rubber mixing machine slicing, slicing evacuation sol cylinder gasoline mixed sol. After being emulsified and modulated by the emulsion, the sol can be pumped by the pump. The rubber solution which is soluble in gasoline is fed from the top of the distillation column, and is heated by steam distillation, and the light component gasoline is heated to a gas phase, and the gasoline gas is mixed and cooled in the oil and gas cooler. Oil-water mixture to oil-water separator, oil-water stratification. The gasoline recovery, lower water by the pump to water cooling tower, cooling tower and gas gasoline distillation after cooling; distillation tower in accordance with their own pressure to send latex latex mixing tank mixing, separating centrifuge to modulation by latex glove material, color filter, and set aside.
Gloves model first by acid cleaning, water cleaning, cleaning model to immersion in hot water after heating and drying to dip coagulant dipping. Dipping evacuation oven preliminary drying, plus fiber inner sleeve, sent to the hot oven curing, drying molding. After stripping, the gloves are inflated to check, low temperature, middle temperature drying, washing, dehydration, drying and then packing to send the finished product warehouse.
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