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Production & Quality Control


Male Latex Condom
Surgical Gloves
100% eletronically tested are testing in AQL 0.25,product performance meet all the requirement of IOS 4074:2015,and ASTM 3492    are testing in AQL1.5,product performance meet allthe requirement of ISO 10282, EN455&374,ASTMD 357


♦ The tests we do and why
♦ Electronic testing — Every condom is checked for pinholes, defects and imperfections
♦ Water leak testing — A sample of over 2,000,000 condoms per month are filled with water and suspended for a minute to check for leaks
♦ Air inflation test — A sample of about 500,000 condoms per month are given an air inflation test to check for burst-strength and elasticity (International latex standard: 18 liters. Typically Our condoms will expand to 34 liters)

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